Packing your bike for travel can be a nervous time for anybody. no matter how may zeros come after the price tag. This is especially true for professional cyclists, triathletes and iron men and women all over the world who travel thousands of miles and need there trusty steed to arrive in prime condition ready for race day or training.

At Polaris Bikewear we have been producing high quality bike luggage for almost a decade with our Pod Pro still being handmade in the UK just down the road from our offices in Derbyshire. At Polaris our philosophy of Travel the World means that we don’t just provide the great kit to ride and explore in but the luggage to take all your bikes there too. From Downhill to Time Trial bikes we have a Pod to suit all of your needs.

Just a few of the great world class athletes training for Rio 2016 who swear by our Pods are triathletes Adam Bowden, Lucy Hall and Mark Buckingham.

We have created the three great instructional videos below to provide our luggage users with all the information they need to pack our Pods efficiently and safely.

Our Polaris Bike Pod Pro is our high end hard case perfect for all road bikes. This Pod is handmade in the UK and we can provide additional parts. Our  Bike Pod Pro will keep even the most delicate carbon framed safe on all flights.

Check out the packing video here

Our Polaris Axial Pod is a soft case bag with very rugged credentials. This Pod is perfect for all Triple Crown Downhill Bikes and Trail Bikes including 29er wheel sizes. Our Axial Pod is perfect for any racers ready to hit Morzine and Whistler this summer.

Check out the packing video here

Our Polaris EVA Pod Plus is a semi rigid case that really does define versatile. This Pod is perfect for all bikes from full suspension 29ers to extended seat post road and time trial bikes. Our EVA Pod Plus is perfect for anyone travelling for social training camps to serious training in the sun.

Check out the packing video here