Ailbhe Carroll: First National Championship Title

This week, Polaris athlete Ailbhe Carroll secured her first Irish National Championships title despite leaving her bike at home (fortunately it was the Aquathon National Champs!) Here’s her race report:

Hello again! Thanks for coming back 🙂

This post would have originally been a race report from a race in France, but my original plans were turned slightly upside down, and so a new race had to be found! National Aquathon Champs! Home to the motherland I went.

The race… In two words – Raynards Syndrome. Do you know what it is? See picture below!

When I get cold… I really do get cold. Loss of circulation to the extremities. Obviously not ideal for cold water races. Hello Ireland!!!

With the water at a balmy 12 odd degrees this weekend… To say I struggled would be apt. I swam well and exited with the leaders but transition was the second order of the day and it was one I wouldn’t have ordered myself from the menu.

I couldn’t use my hands as I would have liked. I struggled to open my Wetsuit. Eventually got it. Pulled it down to my hips. I struggled to grasp it to pull it over my hips. Eventually got it. I struggled to get it off my feet. Eventually got it. And as for getting my feet into my shoes… Absolutely not a smooth transition. I couldn’t feel my feet and I couldnt get my hands to function….I had a great time in transition watching people come and go.

Anyway out on to the run I went eventually. I managed to win my first senior National Champs title which was nice but I crossed the line in 3rd, beaten by two young guns who were fab on the day. Its great to see young talent being show cased on the Emerald Isle.

Next up… Poland European Cup May 26th.

I’ll be back here soon… Hope to see you here!!