Adam Bowden Kicks off his WTS Series in Abu Dhabi

So 20th position in my least favourite distance the sprint. I’ll take that as I managed to put some points of the board.

I will start off with saying that I enjoyed my stay here in Abu Dhabi. I like fast cars and this place has plenty of them with roads built very straight it is the perfect place for drag racing. It seemed to be when the traffic lights turned green it was foot to the floor. Fast Tuned high performance cars. Nice.

Anyways I could easily go on about the cars out here but let’s move on to the race.

It was a late race which suited me a nice lie in and no rush to cram in breakfast in. The hardest decision was whether to keep my beard on and give advise to Gordon Benson with his Jewish looking beard. A quick trim sorted that out.

A few hours soon passed with grabbing some lunch and playing some games on the laptop with Gordon and Bucko.


So to break the race down into a smaller summary. I got out to a flying start in the swim approached the first bouy in a very good position managed to go around the buoy without being hit or dunked which is always a bonus. There were no sharp corners on this course all set out a wider angles which meant the pace stayed on the whole time.

My transition was fairly smooth. I struggled a little with my helmet but just the standard race Blues. My aim for the bike was to get myself towards the front and stay there for the duration of the ride. The first part of the bike was a lot of chasing people down until a large group formed. Approaching T2 I was in a good position it was just a matter of holding it all the way to the transition zone which became a bit like the January sales rushing to get the best deals. I was still happy with my execution onto the blue carpet. I once again made some small errors which cost me a few seconds like missing my racking position by a few racks.

So onto the run and I knew from the word go it was going to be a very fast run. The leader was Murray who took it out very fast about around a 2:43 first k. If that was impressive enough Mola was down out of transition but managed to put down a fast 2:30 + first k. My plan was too try and work through the gears which I was doing but running out of Ks. In the end I was pleased to finish my first race in 20th position earning some points in my least favourite distance.

So first race completed lots of lessons learnt but in all a very solid performance.


I enjoyed spending time with a few other members of the Team GB squad for dinner and a few beverages after the race.

My next race will be the National Duathlons at the end of March. So now I have time for some solid training in preparation for the qualifying race in Antalya. Which will get me into the Rio Test Event.