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Polaris have come up trumps with their fully lined and compact winter glove the  Tornado Blitz Gloves as they’re perfectly at home on or off the road thanks to their non-bulky construction and excellent grip and protective qualities.
As in most outdoor sports (unless it involves a sail) strong winds can be a cyclist’s worst enemy or best friend. So add that wind to a low temperature and your body is going to want your blood supply back in its core area to keep working and start shutting down the extremities – your fingers!

To act against this, a good pair of protective winter gloves with insulation and a fully windproof barrier is, at least, going to give your hands a fighting chance of functioning.

Although the Tornado Blitz gloves aren’t overly technical in their construction, sometimes simple and straight -forward designs are often the best and most effective way towards better results for a winter glove. Bulk is kept to a minimum and the snug-fitting Neoprene wrist closures offer enough protection around that often awkward area sealing the cuffs of a jacket and the gloves themselves. It’s also worth noting that the Velcro also is plenty strong enough to keep the gloves closed at all times – something you don’t always find in a winter glove.

Polaris opt for Polyester to fully line these neatly constructed winter gloves. I say winter because December’s record-breaking warm, wet temperatures left my hands wilting inside the Tornado gloves. But now that winter 2016 truly had bit hard, they are now proving their worth.

Being a man-made fabric, Polyester will still offer a large degree of warmth when the fabric gets wet. Being windproof, Polaris’s Tornado Blitz gloves will eventually let in some water, but don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring! The windproof fabric outer construction helps keeps the worst of the weather out and the best of the warmth in. The stylish reflective graphics light up clearly enough to stand out in car headlights and don’t detract in the overall look of the gloves.

The medium size gloves on test were a great fit for my UK size 9 hands and although they’re snug-fitting the Tornado Blitz gloves never felt tight when curling my fingers around the handlebars if either road bikes or my MTB. In fact, I put the Tornado gloves through their paces during a number of recent reviews including the Bianchi Zurigo Disc CX bike.

Best at home on the road and non-technical trails, the Polaris Tornado Blitz gloves are durable enough to cover most cycling disciplines and a wide range of temperatures. Great for the early morning commute, absolutely fine on the wide open off-road trails, and certainly didn’t let me down when tightening my grip on a few awkward and slippery descents in the wet.
In summary:

For the money, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find another pair of winter gloves that offer so much comfort and protection against the elements without being bulky.

RRP: £29.99
Sizes: S M L XL
Size tested: M

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