Torsion Long Sleeve Cycling Baselayer

RRP £24.99


Polaris Bikewear’s  long sleeved Torsion is a cycling baselayer designed to be worn tightly against the skin. The design uses body mapping technology giving variable panel construction, strategically designed to give muscle support and temperature control, and cope with areas of high perspiration. The tubular seam-free construction reduces the amount of seam rub and discomfort from abrasion.

Manufactured from Prolen yarns; used in high perspiration areas due to its breathability and moisture wicking properties. As well as Becool yarns; used for the majority of the body of the garment  for its high tensile strength properties enabling it to absorb muscle vibrations.

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  • Black / Charcoal
  • XS/S
  • M/L
  • XL/XXL