Women’s Vela Range Review – Bike Soup

Vela is a range designed by women specifically for women with performance in mind. Polaris have paid attention to fast wicking fabrics and light, breathable compositions to keep you both cool and dry. Despite being mostly black, much to my surprise and perhaps for that very reason, I can concur that the Vela kit is already very cool and comfortable.

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The Jersey

The jersey comes with underarm vents that offers welcome ventilation in the Spring and Summer heats. The sleeves are snug, and comfortable, and the whole garment moves well with my every effort on the bike. There are back pockets, as usual on performance jerseys, but with the addition of a zipped security pocket for items of more value or importance. A full length zip adds a little extra comfort to getting dressed as well as to further ventilation on the bike when really needed.

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The Vela Race Shorts

Polaris do not offer bib-shorts in their ladies range. The shorts were extremely comfortable and easy to ride in. They fitted snugly without cutting off any circulation anywhere, and were frankly undetectable when I started riding.


The silicon dots on the inside of the hem keep the shorts pulled taught so that they don’t bunch up in areas you wouldn’t want them to be. They are a good length too, something I struggle to find the right length as a 5ft1, stumpy-legged female rider, but these were just right. Most of my shorts come right down to the knees, but these sit right in the middle of the thigh; long enough to prevent the saddle rubbing on the inside of the leg, but not so short that you look like a beach volleyball player.
The strap-free, non-bib, shorts are comfortable and do not dig into my hips or waist. Nor do they become uncomfortable on the fleshy part of my belly.

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Final Verdict

I’m really impressed with the Vela Range. On first sight, the kit looked thick and heavy and I was worried that this, along with a black colour scheme, would be rather claustrophobic, but I was wrong. It was as airy as any other jersey I have tested and very comfortable.
The shorts are fit and move well and are very competitive for their price.. A wider waste band or a bib-short option would be more to my taste, but like I said earlier, the waste band cause no issues or discomfort at all. Get that waistline right, and this range should make the likes of even Castelli sit up and take notice.

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