Top 3 Haunted Derbyshire Rides


With Halloween just around the corner its spooky season at Polaris HQ. For those who love being scared we’ve put together three rides around some of the most haunted locations in Derbyshire. The locations are scary enough, so we’re not trying to spook you with any of the lengths.

Enjoy… if you’re brave enough!

The Plague Village of Eyam : Length 8 miles


The village of Eyam was made famous by its decision to segregate itself from the rest of the country when the plague struck the village in the 1660s. However, it seems the spectre of the disease never truly left, as the wife of the village’s Rector is said to haunt the church graveyard to this day, warning visitors to stay away. Our 8-mile loop passes both the graveyard and the nearby Eyam Hall which is also said to be haunted by the ‘White Lady’.Watch out for the abandoned B6521 road on your route, said to be too terrifying for car drivers but still passable for cyclists armed with rosemary sprigs and garlic cloves.


Castleton & Edale Valley :  Length 10 miles


As if the prospect of climbing Mam Tor wasn’t scary enough, this route passes through the hauntingly beautiful village of Castleton, home of Peveril Castle and to several shadowy spectres. You might be in for a fright before you even reach the village though, as nearby Winnats Pass is believed to be haunted by a young couple who were killed by a gang of thieves in the 1750s. It is said that ghostly screams can be heard from the village on misty winter nights.The Castle Inn in Castleton itself is also said to be occupied by two lost souls, and should be approached with caution!



Hardwick Hall and grounds : Length 6 miles

hardwick-routeShort in distance, full of horror this circuit around the Hardwick estate leaves you plenty of time to look round the Hall itself, if you dare! Hardwick Hall is said to be visited regularly by a shadowy blue lady amongst many others and is regularly heard screaming from the gallery.

Be sure to finish your ride before sunset though as the grounds are haunted by Thomas Hobbes, whose dying wish was to be buried on the grounds. This wish was left unfulfilled, and Hobbes roams the grounds seeking vengeance.

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