Top 10 Valentines Cards for Cyclists

It is fast approaching the season of Love! We all love our bikes and following the N+1 rule have more than one favoured companion in our cycling stable but what is available for the bike mad partner in your life. We take a look at the cards that should make them smile this Valentines Day morning.

1. The Classic MAMIL card


The term MAMIL has been around for a while now in popular use ( Middle Age Men In Lycra ) and there is no shame in being in this category. No longer is being a MAMIL a automatic sign of the Mid Life Crisis. This is the perfect card for your MAMIL or a MAWIL version is also available.

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2. Love Will Take You Everywhere


There is the classic old song “Bicycle Built for Two” where love is defined by simply enjoying a ride together and this card is perfect if you and your partner share the love of cycling adventures. Maybe use the card to suggest a romantic weekend away with your steeds.

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3. I Love You Almost As Much As I Love My Bike


Cyclists will often say riding is their first love. So this is the perfect card for those whose partners share their sense of humour or complete dedication to their ride.

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4. You Make My Wheels Spin


Tandems have always been the classic symbol for romantic rides in the country and now you can show your other half how much you enjoy their company with this quirky card.

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5. I Like The Way You Roll

If you are looking to personalise and print you own card then this could be the one for you. A take on the song “I like the way you move” it is sure to be a hit.

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6. Be My Valentine


There is nothing not to love about this beautifully styled and classic card. If you are looking for a stunning design to celebrate your shared love of two wheels then this may be the one for you.

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7. You Are My World Champion


Perfect for the competitive cyclist in your life to show them how much they mean to you. You are my world champion is a cute card that shows your cyclist that they are your number one!

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8. You Make My Heart Race Like Bradley Wiggins

We couldn’t miss off this card that refers to the British cycling legend off our list! We all know how quick Wiggins is so you are sure to make your partners heart race with this one.

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9. Bike Love

If you are after something a little more rustic that displays your love of the outdoors and mountains then this may be the card for you. It is etched into the wood and will be a great replacement to the standard card.

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10. I Wheelie Love You


The old play on words are often the best and this one is no exception. This classily designed card is sure to make that special roadie or fixie rider in your life happy on Valentines morning.

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