Polaris Challenge App Launch

This Saturday (tomorrow!) marks the launch of the Polaris Challenge app and the relaunch of the famous Polaris Challenge events series. The Polaris Challenge app will be launched at Rother Valley Country Park in conjunction with the JE James’ Cycle Fest, and will be the first of three new Challenge routes based around the Peak District.

This first Challenge course will be a perfect introduction, and indeed reintroduction, to the Polaris Challenge concept and will be ideal for experienced riders and families alike. All participants need to take part are a mobile phone and a good sense of direction!

How does it work?
Each participant has one hour to collect as many (or as few) controls whilst still leaving time to get back to the Start/Finish point within an hour. A control is a check point marked on the app’s map and will be physically marked by a QR code that participants will need to scan with their phones. Each control has a different value, and the idea is to accumulate as many points as possible whilst still giving yourself time to get back to the Start/Finish point in time.

What is the Polaris Challenge App?
The Polaris Challenge app is based on the original principles of the Polaris Challenge, the first ever Mountain Biking Orienteering event of its kind. Participants have a limited time to score as many points as possible by reaching controls across the event’s map whilst leaving enough time to return to the Start/Finish point. The first three courses for the app will be set up around the Peak District this year and it will go global with routes around the world in 2017.

How do I get the Polaris Challenge app?
The app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and will soon be available for iPhone users from the App Store. The app includes details of the locations of each of the courses and instructions on how to download maps for the courses. The app is also available to download via our website here.

Prizes will be awarded for the highest scoring male and female participants that take part during the JE James Cycle Fest, and members of the Polaris team will be available on site to help with any questions you might have regarding the Challenge.

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