Why should you go on a winter training camp?

Winter training camp season is already in full swing. The madness of Christmas and New Year has finally faded, and most of us are starting to think about what adventures we can get up to on our bikes this summer.

For a lot of us, the foundations to these adventures are laid over the next few months. And that’s where a winter training camp comes in. But why should you try one out?

A chance to ride your bike lots

Now this might seem a given, but keep with us. How often do you have the opportunity to ride your bike every day, interruption or responsibility free? Even in the heights of summer, most of us will find that life inevitably gets in the way of us being able to ride our bikes every day. You’ll have no such problems on a winter camp, as riding your bike is the exact reason you’re there!

Better weather

Whilst you can’t always guarantee sunshine, the whole point of a winter training camp is to go somewhere where the weather is far more accommodating. Suddenly, getting out on your bike doesn’t feel like such a chore when you’re not having to spend 15 minutes adding layer after layer, debating over whether one pair of gloves is going to be enough or not. Enjoy that vitamin D boost, and if you’re lucky, you might even pick up a tan.

Ride somewhere new

Really this is an excellent reason to go on a cycling holiday at any time of the year. A winter training camp gives you the chance to ride somewhere you have never ridden before. Use it as an opportunity to tick somewhere off the bucket list. The pros are always off on winter training camps, so there should be plenty of Strava segments for you to chase wherever you go.

A chance to socialise

A whole week of riding means a whole lot of time to chat at the back of the pack. Winter camps are a great opportunity to catch up with everyone in the chaingang that might have slipped off the radar during the minging weather and festive period. A week of cycling and sunshine is usually enough to tempt even the nesh-ist of riders out of their hibernations.


Winter camps are a great opportunity to refocus your goals/targets for the year ahead. Whether that’s getting into race condition, or laying the groundwork for your first century ride, this is a chance to check where you’re at and plan for the adventures to come.

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