3 Destinations for Your Next Cycling Adventure

Summer has given way to another grey autumn, which makes this the perfect time for some wanderlust and to start thinking about your next cycling adventure. With the help of Polaris contributors, we’ve picked three locations that should cater to all needs. One for roadies, one for MTBers and one for everyone.


County Galway, Ireland


If stunning backdrops and all the seasons in one day are what you look for in a cycling adventure then County Galway is your perfect road destination. Situated on Ireland’s west coast, the stunning combination Loughs and mountains create a truly unforgettable landscape to tour.

                                                      Connemara National Park. Copyright Sean Tomkins


The city of Galway itself offers an ideal starting point for any trip, whilst there are plenty of pubs and B&Bs across the region offering very reasonable accommodation. Pubs also offer welcome salvation for the inevitable downpours. Regardless of whether you go in January or July, a trip to Co. Galway will always feature rain!

                           The roads are quiet and the scenery spectacular. Copyright Andrew Griffiths

Like all truly rural areas, your options to get from A-B may be limited, but most roads are of high quality and all but the main road ‘N’ roads are surprisingly light on traffic. The Sky Road between Killarden and Killary Harbour is an absolute must and features Ireland’s only fjord.

It’s a well-known fact that Guinness tastes best in Ireland, and it tastes even better after a day in the saddle!

Atlas Mountains, Morocco


Generally, a drier destination than the west coast of Ireland(!), Morocco’s Atlas Mountains offer plenty for even the most seasoned mountain bikers.

Mountain biking Atlas Mountains
                         The Atlas Mountains are perfect fodder for MTBers. Copyright Andrew Dodds

The Atlas Mountains feature some of the best Singletrack in the world along with some breathtaking scenery, all just about within a taxi journey of Marrakech.

Whilst the summer months are best suited to lovers of the baking heat, temperatures average around a much more manageable 21°c in May and October when rain is still unlikely.

Atlas Mountains Morocco
                                                No chance of rain today. Copyright Andrew Dodds

Cycling tour services are arguably the best option for those unfamiliar with the area or the language, however, they still allow sufficient freedom to go off-piste should the mood take you. Be aware of  the recent storms, however, they can practically wipe out previously existing routes and tracks. But that’s all part of the fun!

Alpine Austria


The Alps of Austria offer the best of both worlds for keen road cyclists and mountain bikers, with singletrack for all abilities and of course the trademark winding mountain passes that ribbon across every Alpine country.

Glacier Road Austria
                                        One of Austria’s challenging glacier roads. Copyright Andi Payne

For the competitive road cyclist, there are numerous sportives during the summer, including the Ötztaler Radmarathon and the Eddy Merckx Classic in Salzkammergut. Alternatively, if you prefer to explore under your own steam, there are plenty of ski resorts to bounce between.

MTBers and XC fans will be spoilt for choice too, with numerous options for all abilities across the region.

If you want challenging climbs, there are stacks of them in the Land of the Mountains.

If you don’t, there are plenty of ski lifts and we won’t tell anyone!

Kuhtai Feed Road Cyclists
                    Kuhtai Feed Station on the Ötztaler Radmarathon. Copyright Andi Payne

With flights to Salzburg and Munich clocking in at less than two hours, a trip to Alpine Austria could be the perfect European choice for those wanting to sample all the cycling disciplines in one place.

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Thanks to Andrew Dodds and Andi Payne for all their knowledge and help in creating this list.

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